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Need a great handyman in Myrtle Beach SC? Tired of nagging your other half?? Let us be your choice for all your home maintenance and repair projects There's no need to make multiple calls and set up different appointments for your home maintenance and repair projects. Call MJG Handyman Services, make one convenient appointment, and we will take care of everything on your "To Do" list.

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Meticulous, honest and hard working are some of the ways they have been described by thier past clients. They specializes in everything from tile work to update your bathroom to replacing a kitchen faucet ...to hanging new designer light fixtures, to custom painting a room for your new home office.. .to putting in a fantastic new closet system in your bedroom. We can make your home up to date and to your personal needs within your budget. There is no job too small. His care and detail in his work makes him unique, his experience in the business makes him incomparable. Don't just hire anyone who claims to be a Handyman. Hire MJG Handyman Services. They have the backing of over 20 years in this business.

With the various projects you might have going on around the house, it may be faster to hire a handyman (or woman!) rather than spending hours on the weekends doing them all yourself. A handyman is a jack of all trades when it comes to home repairs and maintenance around your home, usually for less money than a specialist such as a plumber and electrician. But before you bring someone into your home, it’s important to find the right person. You don’t want a handyman who swindles you or fixes everything incorrectly to where you have to go back and have another professional redo the work for more money. Consider posing these questions to three or four handyman services before choosing one:

1. Are you licensed? Many states have processes by which handymen can become certified in their field of expertise, whether it’s as a handyman or a contractor. Ask each potential handyman if he is certified, and see a copy of that license before having one of them proceed with the work.

2. Do you have past clients as references? If this handyman has been in their field for a while, other homeowners can vouch for the work he has done. Ask to speak to some past clients. If the person you are considering is unwilling to provide contact information, chances are he or she hasn’t done good work in the past. You can also check on the Internet for reviews.

3. Can you provide a quote ahead of time? Handymen should be able to tell you what they’ll charge by the hour or the job. Provide them with a list of the things you’ll need done to help with this process. This will be especially useful when comparing more than one handyman service. See if you can get the estimate in writing as part of a contract.

4. Do you have liability insurance? If the handyman is injured on the job, you don’t want to be liable for those injuries. Check to make sure they have liability insurance. Handyman services should have insurance in place to protect them in case they’re injured on the job, just as with construction workers or contractors on build sites. It protects them, and it keeps you safe from legal charges down the road.

5. Is your work guaranteed? Ask the handyman if he guarantees his work. That is, if something is wrong, will he come back and redo it? You might have to get a guarantee in writing, but good handyman services will usually do this to show they’re serious about their work.

6. Will this be an individual or team job? Some jobs will require the work of an individual handyman, while others might require a few people coming into your home to do the job. This is something you need to be aware of ahead of time, as it could affect price and foot traffic in your home. It’s also probably good to ask if the handyman will be on site while the team is there. Sometimes contractors will bring in workers but not be on site at all during the work, which can lead to problems.

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